Famous poet, pilot and explorer Antoine de Saint-Exupéry once said that perfection clearly does not arise when one has no more to add but when one can take no more away. These words are really impressive. And of course, it perfectly meets the philosophy of watchmaking. The highest end of watchmaking is to create complicated timepieces without any redundant and tedious design since timekeeping tools are expected to be basically clear and legiable. That is why watches with replica Panerai watches sophisticated functions and minimalist design always make watch connoisseura fondle admiringly. And what is coincident is that IWC has introduced a watches to commemorate this great pilot in 2012, the year of the Pilot’s watches . The Saint-Ex watch is a rarity in the IWC family due to its larruping design in bold exterior. Such an ingenious piece was released to limited edition of 500 watches. But it is not a difficulty to obtain a replica. Definitely, replica Saint-Ex watches do not lose the genuine item’s splendor. These IWC replica watches feature tobacco-coloured dial and leather strap in brown exterior, novel but not abrupt. IWC family’s noble temperament has been perfectly embodied in these IWC replica cartier watches also. These replica watches carry cases made with rose gold and dials filigree display to highlight their aristocracy. What’s more, as pilot watches, these watches do not give up the chance to demonstrate the cockpit style on their dials. Detail scale, the subdial, small seconds and iconic hands remind us of the instrument in cockpit. Just like what Antoine de Saint-Exupéry approve, these IWC replica watches keep simplistic in design with a subdial for doutble usage to aggregate minutes and hours. The calfskin leather straps with cream-coloured quilted stitching give these IWC replica watches a crafted and slap-up look. Of course, they would not be undesirable no matter serving as adorning accessories or time instruments.

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